Key Features

Easy Booking Process

With just a few taps, users can book a ride from their current location to their desired destination.

Real-Time Tracking

Users can track their driver in real-time and know exactly when to expect their ride.

In-app Navigation For Drivers

This will provide best user experience since driver won’t require to leave the application for navigation.

Ride Sharing

User can share the ride details with their friends/relatives post booking the ride. This will give an added safety measure for users.

Add Extra Stop

User can add additional stop during booking.

Modify Extra Stop/Destination

User can change their extra stop and/or destination in ongoing ride.

Payment Flexibility

We offer a variety of payment options, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and cash.

Reliable And Safe Transportation

Driver can start taking rides only when background verification is approved based on document submitted in the App.

Advance Schedule

User can book a ride in advance and avoid hassle at the last moment.


Organisation can earn by pushing ads in the application.


Payment History, Ride History, Earning History

Let’s Create Your Taxi App Today!

    Let’s Create Your Taxi App Today!

    USP Features

    Peak Hours Graph

    Driver can see real-time peak hours through historical graph to motivate driver on making himself available during particular period.

    Auto-Surge Area and Streak features

    This will motivate driver to take more rides and encourage their availability during peak hours since they have option to earn extra. Driver can see all these areas and rewards on his application on real time.

    Navigation through our application